Antisemitic Incidents That Have Happened to Facebook Friends and Me

(I did a little poll today. It was quite enlightening. feel free to add things)
  1. Had bagels thrown at them.
  2. Had pennies thrown at them.
  3. Was told "You don't look Jewish, you're very attractive."
  4. Was called "kike."
  5. Was assumed to be wealthy when that was not the case.
  6. Was told, "My parents say I can't be friends with you."
  7. "I thought Jews had horns."
  8. "You have a Jewish head."
  9. Told they were going to hell at a young age.
  10. Some beatings were had.
  11. People using Jew as a verb.
  12. Holocaust denial.
  13. Someone said I couldn't blame him for trying to "Jew me down"
    Suggested by   @jdnovs
  14. Had to explain why "Shylock" is not just a term for a money lender and why "Jew them down" is not just a term for bargaining.
    Suggested by   @loriatx