1. No Midwestern boys (serious compatibility issues)
    (Husband is from Michigan)
  2. No theatre majors (because DUH)
    (This is the one rule I didn't break.)
  3. No seniors (because they're freaking out and confused and don't know what they want. WAY too many feelings. I need to be the person in the relationship with too many feelings)
    Husband was a senior when we started dating. Thankfully he couldn't even identify his feelings at the time, much less express them.
  4. Don't date anyone whose room you must pass to exit the building. (Because when you break up there's no way to avoid them)
    (Husband lived in room I had to pass to exit building.)
  5. Overview: I am good at making up rules, but bad at following them. Moral of Story: Sometimes breaking the rules leads to good things.