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  1. In 1991 I was an intern at MTV Studios in NY. I had to walk down 42nd St every day and it was scummy as fuck back then. Most men I passed would veer over and comment on my appearance (and every other woman on the street). It was scary and gross.
    I started walking to work with an umbrella in my hand. I did not hold it like oh-it-might-rain. I held it like I-will-bash-your-fucking-head-in-if-you-come-near-me. It cut down on comments by 60-80%. Look pissed and look like you can do some damage. Walk down the street with a hammer if you want. It's a free country.
  2. I was on the el one day in Chicago, engrossed in a book. It was at a transfer point so the doors were open a while. A dude sat down next to me and kind of pressed himself against me. I looked at him, he stared forward. I looked around and saw there was NO ONE else on this car.
    I stood up, said, "EXCUSE ME" very loudly and pushed past him and sat elsewhere, but facing him, because you always keep crazy in front of you. I glared a lot too.
  3. In college I was trying to walk home in a rain storm. I heard someone call "wait up!" It was raining hard enough to affect visibility, but I thought it was my friend Kevin with an umbrella. When he got close I saw it was NOT Kevin, he looked too old to be a college student, and he was dressed how he thought a college student would dress.
    He put his arm around my shoulder, gripped hard and said, "You look like an easy person to get to know." My stomach dropped to my toes. We took a few steps and I said, "Oh my god, I forgot my notebook! Will you wait for me?" He said sure and I went into a building and did not come out for hours. Should have called campus police. Middle of the afternoon.
  4. I was on a street corner in Chicago, waiting for my friends to pick me up. I was hungry, cold, tired, and pissed. Some dude hanging on the corner decided to approach me with a "Hey honey, how you doin—" and I fucking lost my shit at him. "NO! WE ARE NOT DOING THIS RIGHT NOW. YOU NEED TO MOVE AWAY FROM ME IMMEDIATELY."
    He and his buddy muttered about how crazy I was and then they crossed the street to get away from me. Lesson: People do not like to deal with aggressive + crazy.