1. I'm a playwright, a screenwriter, a (fairly-new-at-it) filmmaker, a photographer, a writing teacher, a mom, and sometimes a stand-up comic.
  2. I'm from NY, but I've lived in Chicago more than 1/2 my life. I still say a few words in my NY accent when I'm tired: water, laundry, sauce. I always say Yonkers and pocketbook with a NY accent.
  3. I recently published a book called Transforming Reality: Overcoming the Difficulties and Dilemmas of Creative Writing. It's available on lulu.com. (And maybe by the time you read this, also on Amazin.) If your writing process does not work for you, you should read it.
  4. I'm very comfortable with not fitting in. I have never really fit in most places.
  5. I don't mention my husband much on social media, not because I don't love him, but because he's a private person and I don't have to make him less private thru my blathering.
  6. I have an anxiety disorder but no more than any other Jewish person with two good friends with brain cancer.
  7. One job I worked I kept my lunch in a fridge with frozen rats. Another job I kept my lunch in a fridge with human urine specimens. The second job did eventually get a dedicated pee fridge.
  8. I'm at least 10 years older than you think I look...unless you're seeing me first thing in the morning, in which case I'm exactly as old as you think I look.
  9. I'm good at having uncomfortable conversations with people.
  10. I'm more honest than most people are comfortable with.
  11. I contribute to a Facebook page called Non-Humans of Chicago. You should follow it.