1. I don't like baseball.
    I'm not super passionate about any team sports, but I think baseball is especially boring.
  2. I've lived in Chicago more than half my life and I've been to more Cubs games than any other sports team, but still, I would not called myself a true fan.
    Mostly because I don't like baseball.
  3. I'm from NY, and my regional allegiance is to NY in many ways. Still, I've said for a long time that if the Cubs were in the World Series, I would root for them.
  4. And I am but... my play opened last night and was well attended, but I bet it was not well attended tonight because everyone was watching the game.
    I love that Chicagoans are well rounded. I hate that no one goes to the theatre when the sports teams are post-season play.
  5. I really don't want a bunch of drunk white people burning down the city.
  6. Go Cubs?