I have officially been out of the womb for 46 years today. I don't really like the number 46, but I'm trying to get over it.
  1. Husband and child bought me flowers yesterday. Enough to fit in two vases. They're pretty.
  2. Went out to dinner with husband and child. Child has been very depressed and it took 1/2 the meal to get him to do anything more than shrug.
    I FEEL my son's depression. It affects me hugely. He's always depressed and anxious the 2 weeks before school starts, so this is my birthday every year. He's doing better today, thankfully.
  3. Slept ok.
  4. Convinced son to go for walk on the lakefront with me.
    Thank you pokemonGo for providing some incentive.
  5. Went to Nepalese buffet with parents and child for lunch.
    Ate too much but it was good. Parents did not make a scene or make me insane (mostly). Kid was good. Parents paid for lunch.
  6. Stopped at pet store and played with the ferrets.
    My ferret died rather tragically about 4 years ago. I really really want another one (or two). Neither of the two ferrets that we saw today caused me to fall in love. (That happened a few months ago and that ferret was bought the same day by someone else.) I don't think it's time yet, but playing with these two was a salve for my soul. And my son's.
  7. Got a migraine.
    Really not cool.
  8. Tried to take a nap. Not successful.
  9. Put my book about the creative writing process on sale for this week only as a gift to others on my birthday.
  10. Made myself a sno cone.
  11. Looking forward to hanging with husband and son tonight.