My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

These are from my current tree not from the ornaments I had growing up. My mother is holding those hostage even though she doesn't do a tree any more.
  1. It's a slice of a geode. I have it hung perfectly this year so that the edges glow.
  2. My son and I made these with styrofoam balls, red wire, beads, and glitter glue. For a while we made ornaments together every year. Now he's not that interested.
  3. My husband and son have been getting me gorgeous blown-glass ornaments for years. Here's one.
  4. Here's another.
  5. And another.
  6. And another.
  7. My son and I took a pottery class together and this is one of the ones I made.
  8. A professional's ceramic snowflake.
  9. The tree.