1. So I've been stressing out about my son being at camp, worried that he hates it. Worried that he's not sleeping.
  2. Apparently the camp called my husband tonight to say they're concerned that he's not having a good enough time.
  3. Also he's having trouble sleeping.
  5. My first reaction was intense dismay.
  6. Then husband and I brainstormed re: how his counselors could help.
  7. Mostly it comes down to making sure he's eating.
  8. I'm hoping his insomnia will be helped by eating enough.
  9. It's only one more week.
  10. Hopefully he won't hate me for sending him when it's over.
  11. Why is parenthood so stressful?!
  12. Also I do feel some weird satisfaction in knowing that I was right and that I wasn't worrying about something unfounded.
    (Yes, I know worry is not productive or useful.)