Olympic Sports that I'm Like What the Fuck

This is a judgy list. I admit this up front.
  1. Rhythmic gymnastics
    I mean, come on. If there are ribbons I can't take you seriously.
  2. Badminton
    I'm going to leave table tennis alone because it's the Chinese national sport and who wants to piss off that many people. But badminton?
  3. Synchronized Swimming
    The weird wet sister of rhythmic gymnastics. Harkening back to the days when it was not considered ladylike for women to be too athletic. No.
  4. Shooting
    I don't like guns so NO. I understand that skill is involved but if you're gonna win an Olympic medal I expect you to break into a sweat.
  5. Trampoline
    I mean, it looks very fun, don't get me wrong, but I'm a little baffled. I'm willing to admit this may be a cultural thing.
  6. Weight Lifting
    I understand that this is a classic feat of strength, but it's always kind of repulsed me and seemed terrible for the body.