Shit That Has Occurred to Me Today

  1. I'm really afraid Trump might be our next President.
  2. Enjoying warming my bones in an overheated car might be sign that I'm getting old.
  3. Ooo, weasels! Let's go pet them!
  4. I think you left some of your sadness on me with that hug.
  5. I need to buy milk.
  6. Wow, a lot of fucking people get shot in this country.
    At a National Gun Violence Prevention event I took my kid to.
  7. Maybe my kid is ready to ride his bike to his grandparents' place on his own.
    (As we rode bikes home from event)
  8. Hmm. My son's science teacher nearly hit him with her car.
    (While riding bikes home from gun violence prevention event)
  9. Between the guns and the careless science teachers, maybe I'll never let my kid leave the house again.