Some of the Art in My Home

  1. A painting by Licha de la Peña, Chicago artist, Latina artist, woman artist
  2. A glass piece by Heather Hancock designed after photos she took of blade marks in our backyard ice rink.
  3. This one too.
  4. A print of work by J.J. Sempé, my favorite New Yorker cover artist.
  5. I've been collecting Sempé's cover art since I was a teen. Not a passing phase.
  6. Drawing by Lee Zimmerman, an artist I met through Twitter. We collaborate on there sometimes. I write captions for his drawings you can find them at @Theater_play
  7. Moose in a lake photo we bought in Vermont on vacation.
  8. A wood block print that my sister-in-law made in college.
  9. A tiny painting I bought off a woman on the street.
  10. Early ink and watercolor by my son
  11. Slightly more recent drawing by my son. I love his use of color.
  12. Frog painting by my brother-in-law. Done in high school.