The Most Daunting Items on My To-do List

I'm a fretter, I suffer from anxiety, and my to-do list is kinda freaking me out.
  1. Publishing my print book as an e-book
    I seriously, naively thought this would be so much easier, a few clicks. But no, I have to reformat the whole thing and use something called Styles?! So much avoidance, I can't even tell you.
  2. Rewriting my play about a Syrian refugee in Jordan
    This play has been hard. The research is depressing, I'm writing WAY outside my comfort zone. I took a long break from it and it's time to dive back in. I'm terribly afraid of getting it wrong.
  3. Redoing my website
    Oh my god the stress and the angst. I haven't updated my current website in almost 3 years. Last time I tried, my password wouldn't work and I've pretty much been avoiding the whole situation ever since. I need to start over from scratch but I'm so overwhelmed by the thought of it. Probably most daunting item on list.
  4. Rewriting my third squirrel play.
    I've really been ignoring this project. Should have been done months ago. I so need to knock out the next draft. Also concerned about offending the fuck out if people with this one.
  5. Researching and applying for grants
    I do not have much experience in this area. I'm not so concerned about the actual applying. I'm a good writer with a worthy project, I just don't have the will to research the grants. Just thinking about it makes me anxious. I should take a xanax and do it.