Things I Did Today While Procrastinating Instead of Rewriting My Plays

  1. Went to bakery and got pastries as early Father's Day gift for husband.
  2. Pulled weeds out of garden bed.
    (As I typed that I realized I left the hose running at my house and have probably drained the water barrel. I'm a fucking genius.)
  3. Went for a walk with my mother.
  4. Literally stopped smelled the roses while on walk with mother.
  5. Worked out.
  6. Bought a Father's Day gift for my father from my mother because my mother can't walk much past the rose garden at the end of the block.
  7. Watched videos on Facebook.
  8. Responded to a few emails.
  9. Paid a bill.
  10. Cleaned off the kitchen counter.
  11. Ate.
  12. ....and finally finished rewriting, repaginating, and converting one of my plays.
    (And I sent it to two people!)