A companion piece to yesterday's list.
  1. A 4 bedroom, 2 bath house with one communal family room is not big enough for 7 adults and 7 kids.
    We're not always all up here, but often we are.
  2. The family dogs are flatulent, poorly behaved (peeing and puking inside, grabbing food off counters and tables, getting into garbage), and don't come when you call them.
    All but one dog is great around the kids. The psychically damaged pit bull? Not so much.
  3. The fridge always looks like this:
  4. The counters, at their cleanest, look line this:
  5. As an introvert and only child, it's hard to deal with so many people.
  6. In the winter, when people are stuck inside, it's absolute hell.
  7. No one eats the same things.
    One family is vegetarian (but cheese and potato and bread vegetarian, not actually healthy). All the kids are picky in one way or another. It's too big a group to go out, but then you have to cook 3 different meals every night for dinner.
  8. I like cooking but then I get really fed up after a few days and I don't want to set foot in the kitchen again.
  9. One family keeps having babies so we never get out of the "is someone making sure X isn't drowning/running in the street/otherwise endangering themselves?" phase.