Today I dropped my son off at camp. He's 12 and has been to sleep-away camp before, but not this one. He had a not-great experience last year.
  1. Did he eat enough for dinner?
    He was nervous today about the new camp so he barely ate brunch. We made him have a chocolate milkshake shortly before arriving at camp.
  2. Is he sleeping?
    He has insomnia issues sometimes. We sent him to camp with melatonin.
  3. Will he like most of his cabinmates?
    Last year he was in a cabin (at a different camp) with several disruptive kids. They were a big part of him not liking the experience.
  4. Will he get in political arguments with people?
    He's incredibly opinionated—as well as very well informed for a 12 year old— and is going to camp in a more conservative state than the one we live in.
  5. Will he choose to not have fun?
    I'm pretty sure this is the only way he won't have fun, but I can see him possibly opting for this route. He takes a weird pleasure in being sullen.
  6. Will I be too worried about him to sleep?
    I hope not. I need sleep. I like sleep.
  7. Will I get at least 1/2 of the things done while he's gone that I need to accomplish?
  8. Will I need to increase my dose of anti-anxiety meds?
  9. Will my husband want to strangle me because I worry too much?