Things I Would Tell My 15 Year Old Self

  1. Fucking up is not just ok, it's necessary. Do it sooner rather than later. Nobody learns shit from playing it safe and doing it "right" the first time.
  2. This AIDS thing that's about to hit the news? You're not in a high risk group. Just use condoms. Don't be terrified.
  3. I know you don't want to believe it, but sexism and misogyny are alive and well, and they're not going anywhere soon.
  4. Your instincts are correct: you will feel better as a human when you get out of your mother's house.
  5. Someday, not only will you want to be friends with women again, they will be your closest champions and allies.
  6. That guy you just fell in love with? Welcome to five years of pain. You will get over him...eventually. You will learn a lot about being in love with the wrong man.
  7. Sometimes the wrong decisions still yield amazing results.
  8. Be nice to yourself always and in all ways.