Tips For Waiting in Hospitals for Friends/Loved Ones During Their Medical Procedures

  1. Bring reading materials/work.
  2. Expect to have hospital wifi, but not necessarily cell reception in your waiting area.
    Especially in radiology, there is rarely cell reception in radiology.
  3. Bring earbuds and music if you don't like listening to stressed out people blather on.
  4. Bring earbuds if you like to eavesdrop on stressed out people blathering on, but want to look inconspicuous.
  5. If you have an anxiety/panic disorder bring your meds or take them beforehand or both. Hospitals are stressful.
  6. Bring food. Waiting is boring. Boredom leads to hunger. Hospital food is bad.
  7. Wear layers. Hospitals are also over air conditioned and sometimes overheated.
  8. If your waiting area is too busy/noisy for you, ask where there might be a more quiet place and the tell the person at the desk who you're waiting for and ask when you should check back.
  9. Be especially nice to people who work those waiting room reception desks. They deal with crazy, stressed out, worried, frustrated, scared and angry people all day. You don't have to be one of them.
  10. Bring phone plugs, computer plugs, power strips etc...your own hotspot. Bring socks!!! Bring cash for vending machines. If you have a child tagging along bring them a blanket. Bring your glasses if you wear contacts.
    Feeling like a varsity player in a bad way here...
    Suggested by   @notme