(This will be my mother's 3rd and likely final bout with cancer.)
  1. I'm afraid the treatment will kill her.
    She nearly died after one round of low-dose chemo last time.
  2. I think her quality of life may be better if she forgoes treatment.
  3. I don't know how or when to tell my son that his grandmother's cancer is back.
    My son is a worrier to the point of occasional insomnia. He also just lost his dog in late April. He's almost 13 and is going away to camp for 3 weeks in July. I may wait until he's back from camp to tell him. I don't want him to worry while he's away.
  4. I have no idea what's going to become of my dad after she dies.
    They're so codependent and have so little contact with others besides my husband, my son, and myself. I worry about how much help he'll need. I worry that he'll feel like he has nothing to live for when she's gone.
  5. I was really hoping to have more of a break from caregiving for people with cancer before launching back into it.
    This sounds very selfish, but I've been doing a LOT of caregiving for the past 5 years.
  6. My mother is not ready for people to know, so I feel a little guilty posting but since very few people on List actually know me I'm hoping this will be a safe place to vent. Please don't relist this one. Thanks.