Words My Parents Mispronounce

My father is descended from several signers of the Declaration of Independence and my mom is from Montreal, (but not when they were fascists about only speaking French). English is the only language they speak and they speak it very well except....
  1. Ibuprofeeen
    I'm unclear on whether they pronounce Advil correctly.
  2. Show-BANE
    Or Chobani. Whichever.
  3. NISS-in
    Nissan. My father hasn't watched TV or listened to the radio since 1984. It shows.
  4. TER-sull
    The worst part is we OWNED a Toyota Tercel.
  5. Home DEPP-oh
    Pretty sure this is my dad's Pennsylvania hick accent peeking through.
  6. Sew-tay
    My parents both pronounce "sauté" this way. My mother's excuse is that's the French pronunciation. Still grates on my nerves like nobody's business.
  7. DIE-ah-per
    Again, I think this is my dad's Pennsylvania hick showing. Diaper.