(I was due.)
  1. I had the house to myself for the first time in over a week.
    I'm an only child, so alone time is important. Also I work from home, so when my husband is home sick for four days (as he was this week) it throws off my whole mojo.
  2. My husband got off the sofa and went to work yesterday, so I stopped worrying that he was dying.
  3. I was finally able to figure out my set list for tonight.
    I dabble in stand up comedy and I have a 30 minute slot tonight and I did NOT know what the fuck I was going to say until yesterday. Enormous relief.
  4. The Midwest Independent Film Festival announced that they were including my short film PARALLEL in their August line-up.
    I've known for several weeks that this was probably happening, but until yesterday it didn't feel real. This is the first time I have a film in a festival. I'm more excited and more proud of myself than I expected to be.
  5. I watched a rough cut of another film that I wrote and produced. It turned out better than I expected.
    It was shot by high schoolers (talented, trained high schoolers with high end equipment, but still) so the results were not consistent and the sound is iffy in spots, but overall it turned out well. And it's a rough cut, so it will get better.
  6. I realized that I have a short film in pre-production, a short film in post-production, and a short film about to premiere at a film festival. I'm starting to feel like a filmmaker.
    I've been wanting to make films for 20 years. Since back before digital, when filmmaking was insanely expensive, so this is amazing.
  7. I made myself a chocolate chip cookie mint chip ice cream sandwich as a celebration. It was delicious.
  8. I got good news from my doctor about a non-life-threatening health issue I have.
  9. I had a nice chat with one of the adolescent bunnies that lives in my backyard.
    I swung on the hammock while the bunny at grass and mulberries about 6 feet away. I give him/her kale. We have a relationship.
  10. It was a good day. May you all have days like this.