Hella snow means hella fun... Unless you're a sucker
  1. Build an igloo to live in!
    Great option if trump becomes president! Classic!
  2. Snow angels
    Taking Christ out of the season my ass! Name that sucker Gabriel!
  3. Stare outside at the snow with a deep sense of mistrust
    Best not to get too comfortable with anything
  4. Work on your Twitter game
    Best to have one thing in your life be 🔥 even if it's not the weather
  5. Not that it would be cool to have the weather be 🔥
    Like not literal fire you know
  6. Play with the dog, who is also deeply mistrusting re:snow
    If you don't have a dog, you can substitute any type of stuffed animal, but I can't speak to durability/the sad looks of strangers regarding that
  7. Watch season two of a shot at love with Tila tequila
    Obviously you had time yesterday to watch the entire first season ok it's fine
  8. Watch all of the Harry Potter films
    See if you can get off the couch fewer than 10 times!!
  9. Fall asleep and wake up not knowing what year it is probably