1. He tried to explain subtext
    To a class full of classically trained actors
  2. He suggested throwing an actor across the room by her neck
    "Don't you guys learn fighting stuff?"
  3. "I don't need an unlimited budget for this project, but I would like the entire stage accurately furnished to 17th century England"
  4. He asked if he could have an imaginary hat
    "Love that Don Draper guy"
  5. "It's a moment, not a movement"
    When we asked him to elaborate, he just spelled the word "moment" and smirked
  6. He's sleeping
  7. He's awake again
  8. He wants to stamp out ego in theater
    Good luck
  9. "It was hard for me to tell my actors to slow down while maintaining the same pace"
    Because that doesn't make any ducking sense