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  1. Dredd
    "Dredd" is set in a lawless, dystopian/post-apocalyptic metropolis. The film follows the experienced Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) and fresh-faced, rookie Judge Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirby) as they take down a powerful and dangerous criminal syndicate. The implication is that the events of the film is basically a day in the life of a Judge (which is the title of the law enforcement officers here). Full of comic book-esque, slow-mo action scenes that are georgously shot
  2. Training Day
    The film that won Denzel an Oscar. In Training Day, the cops are dirty, the job is gritty, and the city is seedy. The film follows a day in the life of LA police department officer Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) who is assigned to Alonzo Harris, a highly decorated but dangerous narcotics officer (Denzel Washington).
  3. Cabin in the Woods
    Aww man. Josh Whedon's Cabin in the Woods is an absolute blast. It's a brilliant subversion of horror movie cliches that's full of charm and scares. Great acting, Clever gags and set pieces. Sympathetic characters with brutal fates. What more could you want. SPOILERS ---- This film makes a seamless transition from a cabin horror flick to a movie about preventing the apocalypse. AND IT TAKES PLACE ALL IN ONE DAY!!! - FROM MORNING TO NIGHT
  4. Red Eye
    This one is tricky - see, it's been a while since I seen this. There's a possibility that it might not take place within a singular day but I believe it does. The film follows a young woman (Rachel McAdams) who sits on a plane ride with a dangerous hit man (Cillian Murphy) who tries to terrorize her into making a decision that'll end the life of an innocent family.
  5. Source Code
    Technically the sci-fi thriller, Source Code, all takes place within eight minutes. Technically it also takes place over two months. That's the beauty of a science fiction film. Cool trivia, the movie is directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Warcraft), the son of David Bowie.
  6. Wet Hot American Summer
    The last day of camp may be the conclusion of summer for its characters, but it's the perfect introduction to the absurdity, hilarity, and zaniness that takes place at Camp Firewood
  7. Groundhog Day
    So truth bomb. I never seen this famous Bill Murray movie (parts of scenes here and there but not whole). But I suspect it takes place all in one day
  8. Valentine's Day
    I alternate between hating this movie with a fiery passion to thinking it was okay with some likable, charming moments. I am unable to explain these back-and-forth shifts in opinion...