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I am currently sitting in the airport. Here are some of the things I have been thinking.
  1. "I already miss my cat."
  2. "Is there some kind of rule that there will only be terrifyingly long lines if you are running late? Because I got here way early this time and there were literally no lines at either bag drop or security."
  3. "It's actually a little freaky that there was no line at security. It is Christmas, right? Has some terrible calamity befallen Christmas travellers?"
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I mean, it's 2015. Why haven't we solved these minor yet annoying problems?
  1. Unselecting an elevator button.
    Useful both for those "dammit I pushed the wrong button" moments and for those "some asshole pushed all of the damn buttons" moments.
  2. Distinguishing between "reply" and "reply all".
    Know what's annoying? Getting a mass email that is only vaguely interesting to you. Know what is worse? Spending the next three days field in response emails that have absolutely nothing to do with you.
  3. Getting automatic toilets to flush at appropriate times.
    I am really tired of having toilets flush while I am sitting on them and then having to do a weird dance in order to get it to flush once I am standing.
  4. A universal laptop-to-projection-screen channel.
    A/V. Input. HDMI. Input 2. PC. Line 1. Input 5. Time to try again from the beginning.
    Suggested by   @TheSteve
I've never been very practical when it came to choosing careers
  1. Age 5-7: Ballerina
    Not once did I ever take ballet lessons. This wasn't something my young brain considered a problem.
  2. Age 8-10: Figure Skater
    Again, the fact that I had no training didn't seem like it would be a problem for me.
  3. Age 11-14: Interior Decorator
    This was the the era of Trading Spaces. To this day I really enjoy both actually decorating spaces and watching shows about decorating spaces.
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I don't care how little space I have left on my phone. These are important for me to have.
  1. Helen Mirren. One reason I adore her.
  2. Charlie Brown is me. I am Charlie Brown.
  3. It's important that I learn this phrase in every language.
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Look, I love living by myself, but there are still moments when I wish I had someone else around.
  1. Not cooking.
    Sometimes I just don't want to make food. When I lived with roommates there was usually someone who really wanted to cook something and I would come home to magically delicious meals.
  2. Reaching high shelves/lightbulbs.
    I am short. I lived with my bestie for several years, and she is nearly six feet. Not once in our time together did I need to create a perilous table and step stool combo to change a lightbulb.
  3. Pooling laundry.
    "Hey guys I need to do a load of whites but don't have a full load, anyone have anything they want to throw in?"
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  1. Harpsichord
    Have you ever heard a harpsichord? Because they are awesome.
  2. Saxophone
    Yeah, I know people play the saxophone all the time in jazz and classical, but it used to be EVERYWHERE.
  3. Synthesizer
    You can just do so many interesting things with a synthesizer. Plus, what other instrument is as effective in a power ballad?
Given my penchant for odd names, it is probably good I will never be responsible for bestowing a name upon a tiny human. So essentially this is a list of future cat names.
  1. Isolde
    Because Tristan and Isolde. Plus the nickname Izzy is super cute.
  2. Tristan
    Again, Tristan and Isolde. For some reason I like the whole "boy name for a girl thing".
  3. Josephine
    Because Little Women.
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  1. Helen Mirren
  2. Meryl Streep
  3. Felicity Jones
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  1. Making a phone call to anyone other than my parents or best friend.
    To quote the Dowager Countess, is this an instrument of communication or of torture.
  2. Being the only person in a coffee shop.
    Especially if I have already finished my coffee and am just sitting there working.
  3. Asking a favour of anyone.
    I mean, what if they say no!?
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