I am currently sitting in the airport. Here are some of the things I have been thinking.
  1. "I already miss my cat."
  2. "Is there some kind of rule that there will only be terrifyingly long lines if you are running late? Because I got here way early this time and there were literally no lines at either bag drop or security."
  3. "It's actually a little freaky that there was no line at security. It is Christmas, right? Has some terrible calamity befallen Christmas travellers?"
  4. "HOW do coffee shops run out of soy milk?"
  5. "How do ALL of the coffee shops run out of soy milk AT THE SAME TIME?"
  6. "Perhaps the same calamity that led to the lack of lines also prevented the soy milk delivery today."
  7. "Travelling by yourself in winter sucks. It is bad enough that I have to schlep my carry on to the bathroom with me, adding a coat and scarf to the mix does not make it easier."
  8. "Do the people sitting across from me wearing shorts realize we am flying to Alberta where it is colder than it is here. And we definitely aren't having shorts weather."
  9. "I always feel incredibly self-conscious about eating at the gate. It just seems so loud somehow."
  10. "The temperature in this airport confuses me. I was sweating so much I took off my coat and scarf, but now it is super cold even though I'm wearing a sweater."
  11. "Dammit. I forgot something at home. Oh well. Too late now."
  12. "I've never flown out of this gate before. Why is it that every airport seems to have a group of gates that are not near anything else? Are these gates specifically for flights the airport doesn't like."
  13. "I would definitely pay a surcharge to guarantee there would not be children on my flight."
  14. "I should always remember to bring gum or mints or something. You would think I would know this by now."
  15. "Oh god. That preboarding line is filled with children."