Given my penchant for odd names, it is probably good I will never be responsible for bestowing a name upon a tiny human. So essentially this is a list of future cat names.
  1. Isolde
    Because Tristan and Isolde. Plus the nickname Izzy is super cute.
  2. Tristan
    Again, Tristan and Isolde. For some reason I like the whole "boy name for a girl thing".
  3. Josephine
    Because Little Women.
  4. Audrey
    Because Audrey Hepburn.
  5. Elizabeth
    Because Pride and Prejudice. Although honestly this would be a middle name.
  6. Beatrice
    Because Much Ado About Nothing.
  7. Zelda
    Because Zelda Fitzgerald. Actually the name of my current cat.
  8. Lorelei
    Because Gilmore Girls.
  9. Éponine
    Because Les Mis. Éponine is my girl.