1. Making a phone call to anyone other than my parents or best friend.
    To quote the Dowager Countess, is this an instrument of communication or of torture.
  2. Being the only person in a coffee shop.
    Especially if I have already finished my coffee and am just sitting there working.
  3. Asking a favour of anyone.
    I mean, what if they say no!?
  4. Waiting for a response to an email.
    Because obviously they are not responding because they hate me and think I am an idiot and not because they have other work or something.
  5. Purchasing an odd assortment of items at the grocery store.
    Yes, cashier, I realize it is weird to just buy chocolate, parmesan cheese, and lightbulbs. Stop judging me and let me live my life!
  6. Spelling anything on command.
    I swear I am actually excellent at spelling. I just need to write it down. And I need to not have someone watching me.
  7. Calculating a tip in my head.
    How much is 15% of $27.82? Is this an appropriate amount? Am I under tipping? Over tipping? Why am I not better at mental math? Oh god, just take all of my money.
  8. Making a first impression.
    I don't know what a normal person does with their hands. Why am I such a spaz?
  9. Answering any question about my favourite anything.
    Favourite movie, you ask? Uhm. I actually cannot think of the title of any movie I have ever watched except for that one really horrible one my date dragged me to that one time.
  10. Creating an inaugural post on social media.
    Am I funny? Clever? Will other people like me?