I've never been very practical when it came to choosing careers
  1. Age 5-7: Ballerina
    Not once did I ever take ballet lessons. This wasn't something my young brain considered a problem.
  2. Age 8-10: Figure Skater
    Again, the fact that I had no training didn't seem like it would be a problem for me.
  3. Age 11-14: Interior Decorator
    This was the the era of Trading Spaces. To this day I really enjoy both actually decorating spaces and watching shows about decorating spaces.
  4. Age 15-17: Architect
    Logical step from Interior decorating. I started taking drafting classes in high school. I still think of this as the one that got away.
  5. Age 18-20: Journalist/Photojournalist
    This lasted until I started working as a proofreader and online editor for a newspaper and realized that most journalist jobs kind of suck.
  6. Age 21-23: Editor at a Publishing House
    I still think I would love this job.
  7. Age 24-25: Professor
    Prior to my jadedness regarding academia set in.
  8. Age 26 (now): I have no clue