It's probably time.
  1. Heyo! I'm Breann.
    This is probably my favorite photo ever and I totally don't look like this normally IRL
  2. There, that's much better
  3. This is my dog
    His name is Finnley. Sometimes we take selfies.
  4. I'm from Michigan
  5. I'm a recent Grad.
  6. And currently working as an art direction intern.
    I don't have any fun photos for this one (...yet)
  7. I would like to thank Gwendolyn Christine & George RR Martin for making the only character I'll ever share my name with totally Badass.
  8. I found this guy on tinder once
    And I haven't stopped laughing since.
  9. I like to nerd out on occasion.
    DND, video games, comics, Star Trek, that's my jam yo.
  10. Some of my main accomplishments include being in the same room as Captain Kirk and Data
    (At different times)
  11. Guess what?
    Elephant butt