1. Casita del Campo - chips are a little greasy. - salsa is good, spicy. A little too much cilantro.
  2. El Compadre - chips are thin and crisp and salsa is nice and spicy. BONUS: good flaming Margs
  3. Mexico City - chips are a little too thick and crispy - comes with 2 salsas. One green and one red. The green is nice and spicy. The red is good and has a nice puréed consistency. Seems like it needs a little salt.
  4. El Cholo - chips are pretty thin and not greasy. - The salsa is a basic tomato and cilantro type and tastes very fresh. Isn't spicy. BONUS - fantastic guacamole prepared tableside. Nice because you can control the heat.
  5. El Coyote - chips are nice and thin. Not greasy - they've upgraded their salsas. One is now a fresh tasting pico de gallo (tomatoes are diced nice and small, not too much cilantro) and the other is a smooth, spicy salsa with cumin.
  6. Petty Cash - chips are thin, crispy and nicely salty. - chips come with bottles of 2 salsas. One is a spicy tomatillo and the other is a dark, earthy chile based salsa. Also spicy. - guacamole is chunky and is served topped with a fresh tasting pico de gallo and pumpkin seeds. It's very limey and perfectly seasoned.
  7. El Chavo - chips are thin yet kind of hard. Not delicate. - salsa is smooth tomato based and very spicy. Almost too much so. BONUS - the skinny margarita has 86 calories is not too sweet. Is made with a little pineapple juice.
  8. Lucy's El Adobe - chips are a medium thickness, not too salty and not at all greasy. - salsa is tomato based and has a smooth puréed consistency. Is quite spicy. BONUS - cadillac marg is very old school. Probably made with margarita mix. Crushed ice.