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  1. Time for beddybbye
  2. Daddy, will you tell me a story?
  3. Shut the door, it's cold out there, daddy!
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  1. Homemade cookbook that is actually just a book with fun messages on every page like "YO MAKE HIM COOK" and "HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF PINTEREST?"
  2. A link to a YouTube playlist that has 48 versions of the penguin cheating video.
  3. Book about preying mantises mating habits.
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  1. My grandmother constantly apologizes for my grandfather when he's out of the room instead of in front of him.
  2. My mom still hasn't divorced my dad even though she's familiar with his personality.
  3. I used to regularly save my farts so I could plant one in my sister's mouth when she finally laid down to sleep and she tells that story as if she's always thought it was funny and definitely wasn't afraid to go to bed at night.
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  1. Honestly cannot believe I didn't get more love for this.
  1. Egg pajama pants from asos.
    Comfortable. Double as actual pants. Eggs. Ma calls me Miley Cyrus. Not super cheap. Don't care.
  2. 48 22ml tubes on Amazon for $2!!!!!!!!!
    One of the most exciting days I've EVER HAD. Still talk about this.
  3. Vampy bodycon scuba dress from asos.
    Bought on sale around Halloween last year and wear all the time. Love this one.
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Those of you that follow me on other social media are sick of this but I thought I would share here and this is long and I probably wouldn't read it, either.
  1. I had been in the hospital for a few weeks and was so ready to leave and get back to the life bc the world was moving on without me.
  2. I missed a wedding as a result of my hospitalization. It was so important to me that my doctor and I were fighting over admitting me to the hospital.
    Not only did I miss it but I was suffering for a lot of reasons.
  3. I also got this from @veshecco and DIED
    Reminded me of something I had said to him and WHOA I needed it that day, too, bc I had told a therapist that he was being "annoying as hell" and that "common decency apparently isn't reserved for patients" for a situation that wasn't completely his fault and he had apologized and I had apologized but I felt disgraceful.
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cc: Trump
  1. I'm not unproud of the fact that A Cinderella Story introduced me to Jimmy Eat World