Those of you that follow me on other social media are sick of this but I thought I would share here and this is long and I probably wouldn't read it, either.
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    I had been in the hospital for a few weeks and was so ready to leave and get back to the life bc the world was moving on without me.
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    I missed a wedding as a result of my hospitalization. It was so important to me that my doctor and I were fighting over admitting me to the hospital.
    Not only did I miss it but I was suffering for a lot of reasons.
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    Sometimes people love you a lot.
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    I also got this from @veshecco and DIED
    Reminded me of something I had said to him and WHOA I needed it that day, too, bc I had told a therapist that he was being "annoying as hell" and that "common decency apparently isn't reserved for patients" for a situation that wasn't completely his fault and he had apologized and I had apologized but I felt disgraceful.
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    My brother took this of me as we were waiting for me to be discharged.
    He was so patient and fun while we waited a million hours for a last minute CT scan and I was so glad he was there.
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    I get out of the hospital and I always feel like I have a new lease on life. I'm healing, I'm going to be better, I'm going to be happier. I'm going to be okay.
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    My sisters roommates thought we were depraved and wrong but we were toogeeether even if we were looking a bit rough.
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    I went to the baby shower for my best friend Shannon.
    She and her husband came down to AZ so they could celebrate with all of us at home.
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    Shannon and her husband John.
    My only close friend whose spouse I have come to love unconditionally, as well. Saying goodbye to them is always so so hard.
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    John and I organizing gifts while Shannie opens them.
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    Meredith and her mom Hope.
    Old friends. Hugging Meredith feels a lot like home.
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    I spent the rest of the weekend taking care of a friend's kids.
    Her youngest crying bc he didn't want me to go home warms my heart.