Be careful out there, ladies!
  1. Insists that you spend time with his family even though you outline their flaws to him constantly.
  2. Sulks when you tell him his brother is better looking.
    You need someone with confidence!!!!
  3. Insists on buying your gas when you are totally fine siphoning from your neighbors and you've told him this a hundred times.
    You're independent and he should respect that.
  4. Brings up hanging with the guys again when you already told him no.
    You should be enough.
  5. Gets upset when you say that you'll "literally" kill yourself if he breaks up with you.
    Is he going to break up with you or something??
  6. Erases his browser history when he knows you're gonna check it at night.
    Hiding something.
  7. Loses his mind when you go through his texts every time he puts his phone down.
    Hiding something.
  8. Lectures you every morning when you're drunk.
    5 o'clock somewhere, MOM!
  9. Won't leave your apartment after you cried and pulled out your hair bc you overcooked the spaghetti again.
  10. Gets upset and says he's never going to look like that when you show him lots of pictures of Channing Tatum's body.
    It's called a gym.
  11. Didn't want to have sex after you made fun of his belly and double chin.