Who run the world? ENYA
  1. We all know her. She lives in a literal castle in Ireland that she bought and renovated and it has a name.
  2. Appaaaarently she outbid Michael Flatley for it. Yes. MICHAEL FLATLEY. OF RIVERDANCE.
    The 90s were so so magical and I miss it, babe.
  3. Eithne was a middle child in a large family
    ...and taught herself how to play the piano even though her mom was a piano teacher. Sounds about right. :/
  4. Her family was discriminated against when she was a child.
    “And my family, we’d have to be careful speaking Gaelic: If you did, you were pinpointing where you came from, and it was too political at the time." From this amazing Buzzfeed article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/annehelenpetersen/the-keys-to-enyas-kingdom#.fsZAzggqaB
  5. She made the decision to leave the group made up of her family, Clannad, right when they were getting big to go off on her own with her producer Nicky Ryan.
    She said, "I'm with you, Nicky!!!" and then Clannad got their big break (kinda big) without her, which was singing "Theme From Harry's Game." I wonder if she was discouraged? Or if she regretted leaving Clannad at ALL?
    Her first real breakout was in 1988 with Watermark. SIX YEARS after Clannad did so well internationally. What a woman😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  7. Watermark destroyed. Obviously.
    Everyone wanted that song "Orinoco Flow." Who doesn't know that song???? Actually, I've met one person that didn't know it and I took out my phone and played it for them immediately bc I am totally crazed. Not her best, in my opinion, but come on, "sail away, sail away, sail away" is ICONIC.
  8. Enya was like, "WHAT?"
    Fame on the level she received it was a total surprise.
  9. Then she created a bunch of home run albums. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
    🇺🇸in my opinion🇺🇸
  10. Shepherd Moons
    Won a Grammy. "Book of Days" was in "Far and Away" with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise and literally every other song is 🔥🔥🔥. YOU MUST LISTEN.
  11. The Memory of Trees
    Beautiful title just hinting at how beautiful this album is. Another Grammy! People love the song "China Roses." I once read a review where this lady was like, "This song got me through my mom's death," and I was so touched. MUST LISTEN.
  12. A Day Without Rain
    A Grammy!!!! "Wild Child" and "Only Time" are classics but "Tempus Vernum" is kinda spooky and amaaazing and "One by One" has always been one of my favorites by her. MUST LISTEN.
  13. Amarantine
    Again, a Grammy! This album gets overlooked, I think. The titular song, though, is AMAZING. And all are solid. "If I Could Be Where You Are" is. Just. So. Good. A MUST LISTEN.
  14. The Celts
    This was written for a TV special? In the 80s. This was my intro to Enya and I listened to it on repeat in my Walkman for years. love it. So much. "Boadicea" is the song that I imagine I would walk through the darkness on a mission to kill someone to. MUST LISTEN.
  15. And Winter Came
    Her Holiday album that includes some traditional Christmas songs as well as some originals. I love "Last Time By Moonlight" and "My! My! Time Flies!" The title of that last one kills me just because it doesn't seem like Enya's typical chill but the song is good. They're all good - MUST LISTEN. AND HER DRESS.
  16. She also has her "Best of" and "Very Best of" albums but we've seen those songs before so I'm leaving them out.
    She said that she planned on taking a short break but it just kept getting longer until it had been 3 yrs without making anything new. Glad she's back wiiiith...
    Just released last month and I just love her😭😭. Diamonds on the Water is my faaavorite! Quite a few strong songs on this album - it's a MUST LISTEN. Also, WHO does the album art for her???
  19. The Buzzfeed article that I referenced above is so long and so good. Some of my bullet points I got from there (so informative) and it answered some questions I had always had about her family and Clannad.
  20. I loved how it talked about her relationship with Roma, Nicky's wife, and how they were like sisters.
  21. Roma does great work. She's perfect.
  22. Enya's private. She rarely talks to the press, gets asked to do shows and concerts and she's like, "Nah."
    She is my introverted hero.