1. How attractive I am.
    Just own it. Whatever it is. It's fine.
  2. Whether or not people actually want to be around me.
    They don't but sometimes you get lucky!
  3. Money I can spend
    ..... . ... .. . ... .. . ...... $$$$
  4. My intelligence.
    Girl. You're smart but like, not that smart.
  5. How healthy I am.
    Is this a joke?
  6. The number of times I will actually make it to the gym this week.
    "Uhh I don't know Beez, you should probably set your alarm a couple hours later than that, too. You know, just in case you don't go again."
  7. My time management skills.
    Will you actually do homework every hour today?
  8. Whether or not the relationship is worth it.
    Swallow some pride, say you're sorry or....
  9. Eating healthy
    Should I just buy junk at the grocery store and save myself the money?