My All Time Best Buys

  1. Egg pajama pants from asos.
    Comfortable. Double as actual pants. Eggs. Ma calls me Miley Cyrus. Not super cheap. Don't care.
  2. 48 22ml tubes on Amazon for $2!!!!!!!!!
    One of the most exciting days I've EVER HAD. Still talk about this.
  3. Vampy bodycon scuba dress from asos.
    Bought on sale around Halloween last year and wear all the time. Love this one.
  4. Neutering this fiend.
    Wake up to him making love to my bedspread. Just another night.
  5. Box full of stretched canvases from estate sale auction for $3.50!!!!
    Bid. Won. Cried. Died.
  6. Slippers with rubber soles.
    Not about the price. The benefit of this is that you can wear them just like shoes. I am told often by loved ones that I look homeless. Comfort reigns supreme. I like to think that this would be me if I were famous.
  7. Blank Cards
    For the times that you need to tell someone that you're thinking of them and when you need to tell someone that you left the party without saying goodbye bc you sharted, not because you didn't want to suffer that whole long goodbye scene.
  8. This. That I still need to frame.