1. wake up bc cat wants to be fed and is sitting on my face
  2. mumble vaguely unhappy things
  3. sleep
  4. wake up
  5. stay in bed
  6. refuse to get up
  7. talk myself into trying to sleep some more bc on this one day I should be able to sleep in!!!!
  8. sleep
  9. wake up with a headache
  10. think about doing laundry
  11. think about catching up on some writing
  12. think about applying for some jobs
  13. think about working out
  14. think about organizing closet
  15. think about giving cats baths
  16. browse social media
  17. think about deactivating Facebook
  18. get up
  19. look in fridge
    nothing to eat
  20. look in pantry
    nothing to eat
  21. make tea
  22. don't eat/eat too much toast
  23. change and put on tennis shoes, sunscreen, tell everyone I am going to exercise
  24. lay on bed and stare at ceiling
  25. get up and grab keys
  26. sit on couch and watch brother play video games for an hour playing with my car keys
  27. think about doing some laundry
  28. browse social media
  29. eat pretzels
  30. it's 7pm
  31. go out to eat
  32. go home
  33. it's 11pm
  34. put in a load of laundry
  35. watch 3 movies
  36. switch load
  37. it's 4am
  38. sleep