1. Fresh, crisp air and rotting leaves through a raw nose.
  2. Broken pine needles on the wooden steps in front of the cabin door.
  3. Falling snow and acres of wood.
  4. Grass on the hot days of summer.
  5. Alcohol swabs.
  6. A baby: baby powder and lotion and milk with a soft tiny body and pure joy and gentleness.
  7. Chlorine at 5am.
  8. Smoke from a fire and scratchy wool blankets.
  9. Monsoon rain breaking through the clouds over the desert.
  10. Shampoo in someone's hair as you hug them.
  11. Freshly overturned dirt.
  12. Deodorant and cotton and skin.
  13. A pot of peppermint tea.
  14. Baking apples and cinnamon.
  15. Hair gel.
  16. Sweat and an old baseball cap.
  17. The lingering smell of Tide detergent on clean sheets.