1. Batman Begins by Hans Zimmer
  2. Favorite Song: Eptesicus
    I think every time I turn on this soundtrack my sister asks me to turn it off bc it gives her anxiety.
  3. Many Beautiful Things by Sleeping At Last
  4. Favorite Songs: The Writer, Sun
    It's a soundtrack for something I've never heard of nor has anyone else. Listen to it all the time.
  5. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron by Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer
  6. Lol why is this so amazing. I love this so sincerely but bc it's Bryan Adams I laugh constantly.
  7. Favorite Song: Run Free
    Listen to this while you drive through the plains of Arizona. Imagine Matt Damon running on four hooves back to his family, away from the wicked white man. I cry a little.
  8. The Little Princess by Patrick Doyle
  9. Favorite Songs: Ramayana: A Morning Raga, Papa!, The Goodbye
    So dynamic. Touches your SOUL, rips out your heart. The movie could not have done it without the music. Genius.
  10. Far From The Madding Crowd by Craig Armstrong
  11. Favorite Song: Oak Returns, Hollow In The Ferns