I really adore them.
  1. An exterminator.
    Iroh catches every spider and has actually caught a mouse in my bathroom💀. Insane.
  2. To distress any furniture.
    They shred it and it looks super vintage. Win-win!
  3. Privacy in the bathroom.
  4. Privacy in the shower.
    He sits on top of the shower door, watching with interest as I soap up.
  5. To gouge my own face.
    No need to put out my own eye. It'll happen eventually, so I'm just waiting.
  6. A social life.
    My cats are all I need. All the frantic fleeing when I enter a room, sleeping, and silent watching make for great company.
  7. To bite my own ankles.
    No need anymore - my cat fights them every morning as I walk to the kitchen.
  8. To scare the wits out of the dog by waiting for her around every corner.
    Iroh and Yoko do the honors, now.
  9. To throw up on my shag carpet in the middle of the night.
    Taken care of for me. Bless.