Inspired by @shacara_shacara
  1. i will have my assistant call you in 20 yrs
    In response to an urgent request.
  2. i really admire you for getting an education. like wow. slow clap. good for you.
  3. i love you in a big way
  4. i’m really belligerent when i’m tired and I'm very sorry
  5. I shake your hand limply bc it's funny but I tip my hat for real.
  6. I feel so lucky. It's weird.
  7. this is actually a terrible comparison so shoot me.
  8. Yes, definitely. Except actually maybe not.
  9. I have videos of this black widow going after this fly. Insane.
  10. i’m gonna stop complimenting you.
  11. you owe me $70 so pay up
  12. Omg I adore her.
  13. Did you read the list!!!!
  14. i think daryl is funny and chill so I’m glad that shane is dead so he can get the screen time he deserves.
  15. Wow so sweet, this changes everything.
    It doesn't.
  16. It is interesting to note, however, that Kylo is going to have scarring on his face very similar to Snoke bc of his fight with Rey.
  17. Yes, I read it last night. It's been marinating.
  18. No no no I love you. Don't worry about it!
  19. Puppies are innocent little wabies from God!!!!