1. To live a sparkling, vivacious, purposeful life.
  2. To be a productive human being.
    Working on it, folks. Really trying here.
  3. To write a book.
  4. To finish my degree.
    In a timely manner, mind.
  5. To be healthy.
    So I can be dependable and happy and feel it in my bones. So I don't have to call my boss bc I can't come in AGAIN.
  6. To get chipotle delivered. To. My. Bed.
  7. To be good.
    To be kind. Thoughtful. Generous. GOOD.
  8. I want to be the kind of person that laughs when they don't know you and you spill your drink on them.
  9. To be slightly a little bit more chill.
    Cuz uh...I'm not.
  10. To love everything.
  11. "To not let religion define you and make others feel good about themselves. "
    Suggested by   @hellojoss