1. When I'm driving and I don't want to go 20 mph over the speed limit.
    Sometimes (rarely), I'm cool going the speed limit. "Savor this moment, B. Right now you are upholding the law and you are a success."
  2. When I'm hungry.
    This never really happens bc I am always snacking but when it does my first thought is, "Think of all of the people that don't have what they need and feel like this all the time but worse and be grateful that you do. Now eat something."
  3. When I go to the movies alone.
    "You don't care what people think and you do what you want and this was a great choice."
  4. When I want to clean.
    Sometimes the mood strikes me. "You better go with it and you better deep clean everything bc who knows when the cleaning fairy will touch your consciousness again???"
  5. When I hate my food but I eat it anyway.
    "You're not high maintenance. You're not wasteful."
  6. When I forget my phone at home.
    "Who's addicted to their touch screen? Not me. Obviously not me." Just to prove how unattached I am I'll reach into my bag 101 times only to realize again and again that it isn't in my bag.
  7. When I take a cold shower.
    "It's called mental fortitude and you have got it. You are the best person alive today!!!!!!"
  8. When I smile genuinely at someone.
    Sometimes I smile a bright, wide smile and I don't even know why I just did that, I just felt like it. "You're better than you thought."
  9. When I crave fruit.
    "Does this mean I'm doing something right?"
  10. When I recycle.
    "The planet is your home! You're a rockstar!!!!!"
  11. When I write down things in my planner.
    "You need this planner desperately but you're trying and you are amazing!!!"