Bc he turned 12 YESTERDAY.
  1. I suggested ice cream/leftover pudding pie/cereal for dinner and he said, "We need to eat something other than sweets," in a way that told me he was putting his foot down.
  2. When I said, "I'm thirsty," and he brought me a glass of water filled to the top, his steps slow as he tried to keep it from spilling over the sides.
  3. When I let him be the DJ and he played Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel.
  4. He yelled, "MoooOOM! Bredee is HUNGRYYYY!!" bc I had been sitting on the couch for an hour and had just told him to stop talking.
  5. I walked through the front door and he yelled my name, ran over, gave me a huge, long hug, and kissed my cheek like he'd been wanting nothing more than to see my face.
  6. When I was crying as I drove us home and he said, "I used to think that he really loved us but a few years ago I realized that he just loves himself. That's just how it is," and I stopped crying.
  7. He walked in the front door after being missing for a full day in the mountains. I gave him the longest hug of his life and he let me.
  8. 7 yrs ago.
    I say, "Hey, baby," and he says, "I'm not a baby anymore," and I never agree.