These things happened.
  1. Went to a wedding in Vegas with @hellojoss
  2. Became a notary.
  3. Went to Vegas for a job interview (didn't get it).
  4. My little sister came home from her mission in New York State after a year and a half.
  5. Screenshotted a lot of Peter's snaps.
  6. Went to San Diego with @hellojoss to see our Heather.
  7. Went to the beach with Hchie and Joss.
  8. Lil bro graduated HS.
  9. Spent a long weekend in Phoenix with Peter and Jarom.
  10. Watched the entirety of Game of Thrones and...
  11. fell in love with a monster.
  12. Yoko turned 6. She didn't care. :/
  13. His mom turned 6. He didn't care. :/
  14. Discovered Documentary Now! and still can't stop rewatching.