What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  1. Forehead indentation from the metal lip of a door, age 3
    Running around at the doctor's office and crashed into the door with my forehead. Mark is still there, 26 years later, and not going anywhere anytime soon.
  2. Pinched heel, age 7
    Got my foot caught in a door and it pinched the skin. There's still a little bump there (left heel).
  3. Hitting my head on my dresser leg, age 7
    My mom used to babysit my cousin and one day we were jumping around on the bed and he pushed me. I fell backward right into my dresser. Almost had to go to the hospital that night, my head hurt so bad. Proceeded to make my cousin feel bad about it for years and that was not cool of me. I've forgiven him, mostly. Whatever, it was a long time ago.
  4. Cut on thigh, age 8
    Riding my bike in the street going around in circles. I was able to lean the bike so I was becoming more parallel with the ground and gravity eventually won that battle. The bike pedal sliced a cut into my thigh; didn't need stitches but it left a scar for a long time. Sometimes I can still make it out if I ever get a tan that far up on my leg.
  5. Basketball crashing on my face, age 9
    Playing basketball with a bunch of friends and we were standing in a circle. Watched the ball get thrown up in the air...and watched it fall square on the middle of my face. No Marcia Brady broken nose situation, thank god.
  6. Broken pinky finger, age 9
    Playing one of those sing songy hand clap games. My friend's palm hooked my pinky and the force caused it to bend backward. I remember they wouldn't let me go home and I had to sit through the Christmas concert with my finger wrapped in paper towels and melting ice (wtf?). Later, was definitely declared broken by a doctor and had to wear a finger cast on my writing hand. It supremely sucked. Still the only actual broken bone I've ever had, knock on wood.
  7. Soccer ball to the stomach, age 9.
    Goddamn, I was a clumsy 9 year old.
  8. Kickball to the face, age 11
    Playing kickball in gym class. I was talking to someone, turned my head, and bam. My friend got me square in the face. I may have bled a little, but my glasses got the brunt of the action.
  9. Broken blood vessels in foot, age 10
    I was at a company picnic where softball was happening and I had no business playing. I was wearing jelly shoes, for crying out loud. I'm still not really sure on the physics of how it happened, but I hit the ball, I was going to 1st, and the ball rolled and hit the side of the ball of my foot hard enough to break 5 blood vessels. One of my most wtf injuries.
  10. Fell down a mountain, age 10
    ...yup. On vacation with friends of ours. We were climbing up a ski mountain in the summer and halfway through I got bored/had to go to the bathroom. What started as a light trot turned into a full out run. Had to trip myself because I had a vision of running through the glass door of the office if I didn't. Hurt my tailbone a little bit but was mostly fine. SURVIVED.
  11. Skinning my knee in dance class, age 13
    Remember when yoga pants were called jazz pants? I was wearing jazz pants and we had to do a slide across the floor. Instead of sliding, my knee went directly into the floor and the mark on my knee lasted through the majority of high school.
  12. Cut my cheek with a picture frame, age 16
    I could have almost blinded myself, omg. Walking down the hallway with my friends after school one day. We were joking around, someone said something funny. I leaned forward laughing and my friend next to me was holding a huge picture frame. The corner of it got my cheek, MISSED MY EYE, and also took out the tiny mole that was on the bone above my right eyelid. Holy shit, this is still a crazy injury to me.
  13. Bruised my arm playing Broomball, age 19
    I wish I had a picture of this. Was visiting my friend in college and we played Broomball (essentially hockey with broomsticks and a basketball). I fell and hit my elbow - the bruise legit took up half my arm and took forever to fade. Not even the worst injury of the night- another friend fell and broke her ankle. Who said sports were fun?
  14. Various hives related to stress, mid-20s to now.
    I try not to scratch until they bleed, but goddamn.
  15. Various mosquito bites, my entire life
    See above. WHY AM I SO DELICIOUS.
  16. Broken heart, various ages.
    Over friends, boys, the tests I didn't ace, the jobs I didn't get, the aspects of my life I wish I could change. Not all injuries are physical.