Obtainable via lottery winnings or marrying rich. What, do you expect me to WORK for this stuff? *if I could buy myself one of these I would be so, so happy.
  1. Walk-in closet
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    Preferably Cher Horiwitz's closet, but I'll settle for just a standard one. Preferably with a chandelier in it because I'm ~fancy.
  2. Sectional couch
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    WANT. I'm saving up so hard for this.
  3. Bathroom in bedroom
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    Growing up, my cousin had a full on bathroom attached to her bedroom and I was so insanely jealous.
  4. Balcony
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    There is something very Disney-esque about this.
  5. Window seats
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    Childhood dream I'm still hanging on to. I want to decorate it with so many cute throw pillows!
  6. Washer/dryer
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    The 1st house I moved into in my own had this and I took it for granted. Two apartments later and hundreds of trips lugging laundry back and forth to my parents' and it's not cute anymore.
  7. Laundry chute
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    One of the houses I grew up in had this but I was 4 and didn't appreciate it. I would appreciate one now so much!
  8. Fridge with water/ice dispenser and a freezer drawer that pulls out from the bottom
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    I'll imagine trumpets are playing when I open the double doors. Wouldn't it be GLORIOUS.
  9. Painted walls
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    I mean, I guess I could paint my apartments, but that's a ton of work. I'd rather just paint the house I'm going to move into.
  10. Snack pantry
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    I don't really have this now and I don't know why. I also don't really keep snacks around too much. Probably because I have little to no self control. 😁
  11. Bedroom furniture I actually like
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    The bedroom furniture I have is hand me down/free from my cousin. I have grown to very strongly dislike it. Why does furniture cost ALL the money?
  12. Matching side tables
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    Pinterest af
  13. King size bed
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  14. White furniture, clean aesthetic
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    I have mostly black furniture in my living room and I've discovered that what I really like is white/anything other than black. Oops. I mean, it's all fine, but just not what I love.
  15. Exercise room
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    How dope would this be? Those people that convert their garages into gyms, I'm like well you certainly don't live in the snow belt of hell.
  16. Gallery wall
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    Pinterest affffff
  17. Garage
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    My current "garage" is a parking space that's basically a roof on stilts. I want all four walls! AND A DOOR!
  18. Central air conditioning
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    I have had window units and fans for the last four years. It's been a very sweaty four years.
  19. Built in shelves
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    The dream. I could really let my inner interior designer go crazy.