Obtainable via lottery winnings or marrying rich. What, do you expect me to WORK for this stuff? *if I could buy myself one of these I would be so, so happy.
  1. Walk-in closet
    Preferably Cher Horiwitz's closet, but I'll settle for just a standard one. Preferably with a chandelier in it because I'm ~fancy.
  2. Sectional couch
    WANT. I'm saving up so hard for this.
  3. Bathroom in bedroom
    Growing up, my cousin had a full on bathroom attached to her bedroom and I was so insanely jealous.
  4. Balcony
    There is something very Disney-esque about this.
  5. Window seats
    Childhood dream I'm still hanging on to. I want to decorate it with so many cute throw pillows!
  6. Washer/dryer
    The 1st house I moved into in my own had this and I took it for granted. Two apartments later and hundreds of trips lugging laundry back and forth to my parents' and it's not cute anymore.
  7. Laundry chute
    One of the houses I grew up in had this but I was 4 and didn't appreciate it. I would appreciate one now so much!
  8. Fridge with water/ice dispenser and a freezer drawer that pulls out from the bottom
    I'll imagine trumpets are playing when I open the double doors. Wouldn't it be GLORIOUS.
  9. Painted walls
    I mean, I guess I could paint my apartments, but that's a ton of work. I'd rather just paint the house I'm going to move into.
  10. Snack pantry
    I don't really have this now and I don't know why. I also don't really keep snacks around too much. Probably because I have little to no self control. 😁
  11. Bedroom furniture I actually like
    The bedroom furniture I have is hand me down/free from my cousin. I have grown to very strongly dislike it. Why does furniture cost ALL the money?
  12. Matching side tables
    Pinterest af
  13. King size bed
  14. White furniture, clean aesthetic
    I have mostly black furniture in my living room and I've discovered that what I really like is white/anything other than black. Oops. I mean, it's all fine, but just not what I love.
  15. Exercise room
    How dope would this be? Those people that convert their garages into gyms, I'm like well you certainly don't live in the snow belt of hell.
  16. Gallery wall
    Pinterest affffff
  17. Garage
    My current "garage" is a parking space that's basically a roof on stilts. I want all four walls! AND A DOOR!
  18. Central air conditioning
    I have had window units and fans for the last four years. It's been a very sweaty four years.
  19. Built in shelves
    The dream. I could really let my inner interior designer go crazy.