I'm going by the fact it's been 4 weeks since my first list, so. Time for a check in!
  1. How did you hear about List App?
    Through @PaulScheer 's Instagram, oddly enough.
  2. What were your initial thoughts?
    I was intrigued by it no thought it was kind of weird at first, but I was hooked within the hour. Which was real awkward because I was at work and I wanted to read. all. of. the. lists.
  3. Thoughts on Beta/Beta users?
    It looked like such a fun time! You guys seemed to have a super cool community, but I'm glad you guys let everyone come play. This has been one of the most supportive social networks I've ever been a part of.
  4. What emojis have increased in use since using List App?
  5. How many lists have you made?
    Not including this one, 30.
  6. How many drafts?
  7. How many likes?
  8. How many re-lists?
  9. How many 💾?
  10. Favorite list to make?
    TV Shows I Would Save Via Letter Writing Campaign TV SHOWS I WOULD SAVE VIA LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN it took two days, but it was worth it. I actually have a part II I might be working on soon.
  11. List with most notes?
    Lady Hero: Amy Poehler LADY HERO: AMY POEHLER everyone loves the Poehler bear (48 likes, 15 re-lists - my first trending list!)
  12. List you were surprised by the reaction?
    I Was Almost Named... I WAS ALMOST NAMED... it had more likes than I was anticipating)
  13. Favorite types of lists?
    Kid quotes, beauty regimens, joke lists, people talking about food, story compilations, music/podcast recs. And I'm sure tons and tons more.
  14. What do you hope to see in the future?
    Horizontal typing. Really my one main gripe. But in general, I'm excited to see what is going to be in store - I've seen the lists and people have fabulous ideas.
  15. Anything else?
    Thanks @bjnovak and the List App team! It's been fun to start creatively writing again and lists are a great gateway to doing that.