This is the closest I'll come to being a youtuber with my own haul videos, which I love watching. Please indulge me.
  1. Mahogany Balsam candle - Bath & Body Works
    I wanted the wallflower, but that was the only one they were sold out of. I settled for the candle - it smells like boy, but in a super clean way. I'm kind of obsessed.
  2. Winter Candy Apple Wallflower - Bath & Body Works
    Technically, my mom got this for me since BBW was doing their 6 for $24 promo. Thanks Mom!
  3. Holiday Pillows - Target
    I was on a mission to get more Christmas decorations for my apartment and these were perfect. Christmas-y, but also wintery as well which around here lasts until April.
  4. Sunglasses- Target
    My faves broke and I was blinded by the sun for almost a whole week. Very tragique.
  5. Christmas Cards - Target
    Another year, another attempt to send these out. BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY THEY ARE.
  6. Elf stickers - Target
    To put on my Christmas cards! That I'm definitely going to send out this year. STICKERS!
  7. Winter themed fake flowers - Target
    I have something similar, but it's definitely more spring themed. As this haul suggests, my apartment is ready to be winter/holiday as fuck.
  8. Wire lights - Target
    Allow me to live my Pinterest fantasies this winter.
  9. Shape magazine- Target
    Impulse checkout buy. I know all the fitness magazines say the same thing. But Shape is my favorite out of all of them and I like reading the stories of the people who have lost weight and kept it off. Very ~inspirational~
  10. Biotin - Target
    I need something to help my hair and I couldn't find the prenatal vitamins.
  11. Holiday Pillow - Michael's
    I needed one more red pillow and Target wasn't cutting it. This is perfect - red sweater material + on sale = get in my cart nooooowww.
  12. Reindeer plaque - Michael's
    I don't know, what would you call this? Probably unnecessary, but also adorable and on sale. I couldn't help myself.