1. This is a text message I received from my good work friend demanding I watch it:
    Please watch some of Master of None before monday so we can discuss the amazingness. It may be one of my absolute favorites ever on netflix. I can't wait for the fun-sucker to go to bed and watch more. Aziz's parents are fantastic.
  2. I was hanging out at Tim Horton's with a different friend and telling her about the text (she's also an Aziz/Parks fan).
  3. Guy at table next to us:
    Yo, not to eavesdrop, but it's a really good show.
  4. Me, flabbergasted:
    It came out YESTERDAY.
  5. GATNTU, nods wisely:
    Yeah, it's that good.
  6. I mean, I already was planning on watching it, but goddamn. When strangers comment on your pop culture choices (in the affirmative), it's hard to ignore.